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LBL Printing Web Design

Website Highlights

  • many client editable areas
  • interactive with customers
  • google optimized
  • seo optimized

LBL Printing Web Design

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JPS Design Group developed this website to give LBL Printing an online presence with a complete list of their service/products for their printing business. LBL Printing ( is a full service printer. The main goal of the website is to create a visually interesting/unique product and provide extensive areas for products, service, trends and Q&A that could be maintained by the client. The website is completely database driven with an expansive administrative area so that they can add/remove/edit many areas of the website. There are also quoting and ordering areas that interacts with their PrintSmith software. We have also built and maintained all the Google Business pages to support this website and its placement in search engines. This website was completely designed and built in-house.