These graphics are like mobile billboards that can geographically target the audience, while also delivering call to action messages. However, design can impact just how effective a brand's vehicle wrap can be. Here are four vehicle wrap design tips and how they impact your bottom line.

  • Tip #1: Negative space matters Important messaging gets lost in the jumble of cluttered design. Use white space to make important elements such as value propositions, CTAs, and striking brand-relevant visuals, stand out. Ample white space serves to highlight priority messages which will drive traffic, conversion, and brand awareness.
  • Tip #2: Make it readable Resist the urge to employ fancy font that won't be legible from a distance. Utilize bold font that is easy-to-read, contrasting colors to make elements such as font pop, and vary font size by priority. Make CTAs, value propositions and contact information large so that the audience can read them when driving or from a distance. Keeping vehicle wraps legible from a distance will increase audience impressions and make information easy to retain, prompting audience action such as lead generation and conversion.
  • Tip #3: Design to represent your brand image Utilize relevant industry imagery, custom images, color schemes, and verbiage style that reflects the brand's target audience and aspirational consumer to command the attention of and drive traffic from a qualified audience. Qualified traffic leads to higher conversion and repeat business.
  • Tip #4: Consider the angles Vehicle wraps are not the same as banners or other one-angle marketing formats. Vehicles have four sides to market on and neglecting any of that space can mean that people on that side of the vehicle miss out. Repeat images and text on both side views of the vehicle, include branding graphics on the front hood, and include important CTA, value proposition, and contact information on the back of the vehicle to ensure audience visibility from all sides. Utilizing all sides of a vehicle will greatly increase audience impression potential to drive traffic.

Original article on Business Insider.