A website for a dental office must include features that are both useful and engaging to visitors who are looking for a dentist. Ideally, the creator of this sort of website should provide all the pertinent data about the dentists and the practice in a visually appealing way. Consider ten features and elements necessary to build a great website for a dental practice.

1- Succinct Text

The writing on a website for a dental practice should be organized into short, informative paragraphs. Most people who are searching for a dentist online want to learn what they need to know about the practice in a matter of minutes. In fact, many visitors skim the text they see on a dentist’s website, so they can glean what they need to without reading the entire page.

2- Engaging Images

The images on a dentist’s website help visitors to discover a little more about the practice. For example, photos of a person’s teeth before and after a procedure can serve to convince potential patients of the dentist’s expertise. Photos of the waiting room, the examination rooms and even the outside of the building all help online visitors to get a better idea of the atmosphere of the practice. If the office looks clean and inviting, an online visitor is more likely to give the dentist a call to schedule an appointment.

3- Personal Stories

A gathering of personal stories is another feature of a great website for a dental practice. A personal story may be shared by a patient who lived with tooth pain for years until the dentist diagnosed the problem and found a solution. Another patient may describe how afraid she was of visiting the dentist until she met the doctor and the staff of the practice who made her feel at ease. Some personal stories can be written and published on the website while others can be put on video. Online visitors evaluating the dental practice may relate to some of the personal stories they see.

4- Dentist Profiles

Whether there is one dentist or half a dozen dentists working in the office, most potential patients want to know about their N. A dentist’s profile on the site can include a photo, where the professional earned his or her dental degree, how long the person has been in practice, the person’s specialties, etc. Once again, knowing a bit about the background and education of the dentists working in a practice can entice visitors to give the office a call.

5- Age Range of Patients

The website must include information on who the dentist serves. Some dentists serve only teenagers and children while others are family dentists who serve people of all ages. Displaying this information for online visitors can save them time and help them contact a professional who can help.

6- A List of Services

Some dentists conduct all sorts of  V from basic cleaning to performing root canals. Other dentists specialize in certain areas such as cosmetic dentistry. Displaying a list of services makes it easy for potential patients to determine if a dentist will be able to help them.

7- Hours of Service

Displaying the hours of service on the website of a dental practice is very important. Some dentists keep regular business hours while others hold office hours on Saturday and even Sunday afternoon. Finding the hours of service on a dentist’s website should be easy for any visitor.

8- Information about Emergency Services

If a dentist provides emergency services, he or she should include that on the website. It is even more effective if the dentist lists examples of dental emergencies that he or she handles. A list may include broken or lost teeth, an abscess or a painful cavity.

9- Contact Information and Directions

The contact information of a dentist should be easily accessible in the design of his or her website. The address of the office, phone number, fax number, email address and even an emergency number are all examples of contact information visitors may need. Also, simple directions to the dentist’s office are helpful to any individuals who are new to the area or live on the other side of town.

10- A Page for Customer Reviews

A lot of people researching dentists online like to see what their neighbors have to say about a professional. So, it’s useful to have a page filled with reviews of the dentist and his or her office on the website. Sometimes a good, detailed review can convince a person to stop his or her search and call the dentist for an appointment.

These are just ten of the features and elements essential for a great website advertising a dental practice. Other unique touches such as background music can also enhance the effectiveness of a website.

If you are a dentist, you might be very busy, and you may think why you should know these things. The answer is simple; You are not expected to design your own dental website, but when you assign the job to a professional, you want to be on top of what they deliver, and at least, understand the basics.

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