A pro-am archery tournament is back in the Augusta area for the third year in a row.

The Leupold ASA Tour kicked off Thursday at Wildwood Park, in Appling. The tournament brings in almost 2,000 archers from more than 35 states.

People also come to the event from other countries, including Canada, England and Denmark.

Cole Knox says there’s plenty to do at Wildwood Park during the tournament.

"You don't even have to be shooting, there's lots of activities to do. You can meet new people, meet the pros. If you do decide you want to shoot, there's classes for everybody all the way from beginner, first time picking up a bow to professional. So it's a sport for everyone."

More than 60 vendors and sponsors will be there.

The Leupold ASA Tour is expected to bring in over a million dollars to the region.

Original article on 12 WRDW.